Step 1

Once at the login screen, Please login with your email address and current password.

Step 2

Once you had login to your webmail account, you will be presented with the 'Change Password' window. Please enter your Old Password and a New Password twice which consist of the following requirements:

  1. Your password must be atleast 8 characters long

  2. Must contain atleast one numeric number in it

  3. Must contain atleast one symbols character such as '!', '#', '%', '$', etc
    (You can get these symbols by holding Shift + the number keys from 1 to 0 above your keyboard)

An Example of how the above password will look like:

Once entered, press 'Finish' to complete the Password update.

**Note: Do remember to update your new password on your email client program(eg.outlook, thunderbird, windows live mail) and your smartphone devices.

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